The TKC "Canuck" (the Canadian Connection) is a modified API EUE 8rd tubing connection that is designed to greatly enhance the performance characteristics of the "Industry Standard" API 8rd connection.

With a close tolerance, specially prepared pin end and the couplings' integral center steel ring, the TKC "Canuck" generates an internal flush bore and axial metal-to-metal seal.

With high torque capabilities, metal-to-metal seal and internal flush bore, the TKC "Canuck" is an excellent choice for work string/frac string applications and high pressure/high volume gas production, providing increased flow rates at an economical cost.

The TKC "Canuck" is a premium alternative connection for applications where performance requirements exceed those of the standard API 8rd connection capabilities.

Sizes: Tubing - 1.9" to 4.5" (EUE 8rd) - Also available in Casing - 4.5" to 20" (LTC and Buttress)

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